1 year ago

Rome Around

Finally on full out tourist mode and simply getting (lost) in love with every step!

Slater and I spent an amazing time in Rome, trying to check out all the must-see and must-go places while our skins are basking in the glorious Roman sun.

I’m happy to share with you one of the greatest trips we have so far – taking you to The Colosseum and the Arch of Constantine, Vatican City, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain… our feet are worn out but we sure Carpe Diem-ed and filmed as much as we can.

This vlog has so much food and coffee and Slater – just the top few things I can’t live without. ❤️


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  1. ka cute ninyu uy , nalingaw kug tab.aw ani na vlog hihi. by the way ganahan ko sa imong dress . akoa nalang ug madaan . aw hihi joke lang pero pwede sad tinud.on . lol <3

  2. Hi Kryz! I love this blog of yours. The photos we’re so beautiful. I will definitely go back to this blog if I am able to go to Rome soon.

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