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April 28, 2024

School Birthday, Rug Tufting in Cebu, Glucose Test, 29 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Happy Weekend, Skyfam! We start off the vlog with a little rug tufting activity with my siblings and nephew. It was so fun to bond with them and spend time together doing something new and wholesome. So happy to have activities like this in Cebu! You can check them out at Bumi and Ashe ( We also celebrated Scottie’s school birthday 2 months early! His actual birthday falls on the summer break and his teacher wanted him to experience the class celebrating his special day. I thought this was truly special and tried to make it as memorable as ever for him. We hand made each of his giveaway bags with some paint and added his favorite Books in each bag to give his friends. BOOKS FROM THE SKY: Sevi was allowed to join us in class too and we were amazed at how easy he got along with everyone and performed all their dances, in spite of just learning it on the spot! Our favorite part was singing happy birthday to Scottie and eating the cake that he baked with his teachers and classmates. What a special day indeed. Ended the video with a little pregnancy update cause guys- we’re almost there! I’m just a few weeks away from meeting baby #3 and im excited yet nervous at the same time. Aaaah! So near yet so far!

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