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July 14, 2022

scottie answers your questions, sunday family day

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Welcome to another typical Sunday with the #skyfam! Today we make omelettes- lots of it! Scottie wears his chef’s hat and makes a cheesy breakfast omelette with me and then we attempt to make omurice with the UYs! It was… not so special. lol My boys are getting so big and playful. It’s really amazing watching them grow! While Sevi is currently attached to me at the hip, Scottie isn’t far behind. He’s always calling for me to spend time with him when baby is sleeping, and he always makes sure it’s a memorable play time! He even unboxed my package and wore my clothes- oh Scottie! The best part of this video is the Q&A I filmed with hubs that Scottie hijacked. His first sit down vlog! lol How did he do???

watch full video here:

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