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May 22, 2023

Scottie learns to Free Dive, Sevi’s 11th month, Moira in Cebu

We got busy in today’s video! What started off as a photoshoot for the #Skypodcast turned into a swimming session with Scottie, who is now learning how to free dive by himself. I swear, that boy amazed us every single day. 

We went back home and served some yummy Korean Apples and Pears to the boys and our team. We love fruits in this household, and Korean Apples and Pears are among the best ones! You can find them in your local Korean grocery stores. We also love Korean Strawbs (as you know), persimmon and Jeju Tangerine. These have a brix rating of 11-12 meaning they are suuuper sweet and delicious.

At night, we attended the Moira in Cebu concert and graaabe. The way she communicates through her songs is really something else. I could feel the crowd really resonating with her songs and it was so special. 

A few more family moments in this vlog for you that I hope you will enjoy, like Sevi’s 11th-month photoshoot! I look forward to it every single month- even if it is getting more and more challenging to shoot it!


DJI Action 2:

Dog items:……

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