October 4, 2023

Scottie meets Blippi, Meet Ai Kryz, Sevi’s funny personality

The smile on Scottie’s face when he met Blippi for the first time was indescribable. It’s a memory that I want to keep going back to, just because it was pure innocent happiness. What a pleasure it is to witness the world through our kids’ eyes. No matter how jaded we are about the world, our kids show us how much of a beautiful place it can still be.

Sevi is also growing more and more talkative every single day. Not only can he understand what I say, he can respond to me too! I love love love seeing his personality grow and develop more everyday. He is truly such a funny and “bugoy” little boy that never fails to make us laugh and smile.

Hope this vlog can bring a smile to your face today too!

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