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August 22, 2022

Scottie rides a jetski, private beach house in Mactan, weekend with family

Scottie has been bugging us to go to the beach again for weeks on end, and we finally got the chance to head out last weekend. We rented the Ouano Beach House, which is a private home in the heart of Mactan. You don’t get to see small and private beachfront properties in this resort-packed strip, so we were happy to find this gem! Full review: it’s great for bonding with family and friends. Clean, spacious, and great proximity to the main city compared to most other Airbnb properties. I wish the beach was cleaner and that there were fewer boats and people just chilling outside the gate, but I guess that’s also just personal preference. On the plus side, the people were super nice and we even got to rent a jet ski from one of them at Scottie’s insistence! Yes, he loves riding jet skis and of course, we go very slow! All in all, it was a great break from our everyday routine and I’m happy to share it with you all! Happy weekend!

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