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August 18, 2022

Scottie tells a story, DNA test, swimsuit try on

Welcome to a typical day at home with my boys and my life as a busy mama. We have a few updates!!

First off, Sevi boo has grown to be more and more talkative! We love looking at him smile and babble. It happens most especially when he sees a face staring at him. I feel like he’s gonna be a friendly little boy like his ahia!

Scott on the other hand is now confident enough to dip his head underwater by himself! He is becoming more and more at ease in the pool, and he loves playing around it, like jumping in the deep end with his floater. A water baby in the works!

As for me, I randomly took a #DNAtest when I was pregnant and the results have come in! Hindi ako ampon, guys! Hehe kidding aside, this test also gives you a whole lot of other information like skin sensitivity, sleep, diet, nutrition and even family planning! #CircleDNA has 500+ reports across 20 categories and has free consultations too. You can check them out here CIRCLEDNA here: and use my discount code KRYZZZIE20.

Enjoy the video!

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