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July 4, 2023

scottie’s first crush, clearing out all their toys, realistic toy stock room reveal

Today’s the day my baby finally found his first crush! It came a lot earlier than expected, but I didn’t realize I would enjoy seeing his reaction so much. It was so pure! The look of total infatuation hahaha. When we got home, he suddenly told us, “i think I’ve finally found my partner!” Slater and I couldn’t contain ourselves! I wonder how these concepts came to his head. Is subconsciously it because of us? lol

I also did a whole lot of toy cleaning in today’s vlog. I want to go back to rotating their toys like I did when Scottie boo was little. I feel like they will get to appreciate the toys more this way. I never thought we would accumulate this much clutter at home, but with all the people gifting toys to our boys, and seeing how happy they are when they get them, it’s really inevitable! You’ll see our messy toy stock room tucked away in the bathroom of Slater’s office aka our guest room. I can’t wait for the day the boys no longer need these toys and I can finally donate ALL OF THEM and get our house back haha.

Enjoy the vlog guys!


Bonjour Baby mat:

watch the full video here:

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