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August 3, 2023

Scottie’s First Day of School, My back cracked, Sevi’s Drama

WELCOME BACK TO THE WEDNESDAY VLOGS, guys! Happy to be able to put out 2 videos this week. I might not be as consistent as before, but we will work on trying to get back on track. I know a lot of you have missed our bi-weekly uploads. To be honest, we miss you too!

This vlog is special because it is Scottie’s First Day of School!!! Ahhh I can’t believe I actually have a pre-schooler. Time flies so fast!!! I got so emotional this week just thinking about it. He has really grown up to be such a smart and emotionally intelligent boy. I am so proud of him and excited to see how he faces his new experiences in the coming days.

I made sure to prepare all of Scottie’s essentials for the class myself. I labeled every single crayon and pencil, guys! lol, #stagemom. I made a video explaining what I put in his bag on TikTok and as of today, it has over 35 MILLION VIEWS! That’s so crazy! I Of course, I packed his favorite snacks too. I had to put in his Goodday Cultured Milk, which he loves so much. It’s delicious and helps strengthen immunity with proper diet and exercise. It’s especially perfect because we are back to face-to-face classes this year, and I want to make sure his health is protected and secure. Definitely #AGoodStart to school with Goodday Cultured Milk.

*Goodday Cultured Milk will be visiting schools when classes come back this August to make sure everyone will have #AGoodStart to their school year!*

*They will give students the chance to customize their name tags, which is so important to kids at the start of their classes! Goodday freebies also await so make sure to stay tuned to their social media pages to know the schools they will be visiting!*

Sevi and I had a lot of playtime in this vlog too. His personality is really starting to show. I love how he exerts himself and shows his independence. He is such an easy no-nonsense baby and also really goofy and feisty. I wouldn’t want to be his enemy on the playground lol. He had a dramatic moment here when he fell down and cried. When he didn’t see me around, he stopped crying and only resumed when I was in his line of sight. Such a character!

Hope you guys enjoy this one!


Emergency Mini Toilet:

Lily and Tucker School Bag:

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