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March 3, 2024

Scottie’s message to baby 3, Work trip to Davao, Packing your orders

Finally got to see my OBGYN for my second doctor’s visit since I found out about Baby 3. It was so nice to hear her say everything is looking good. Definitely put my heart at ease after weeks of feeling anxious. And yes, there is no mistake. Baby is indeed a baby boy and we are all so excited to meet him! I also went on a work trip to Davao for a day and was able to hang out with Nicole, Cams, Tita Small Laude and Dr. Vicki Belo again. I always love working with such inspiring women in the industry and I am so fortunate to have found friends in them. Slater also finally got to spend an afternoon at home for the first time in ages. He has been so busy with work that the kids rarely get to spend time with him. Seeing my favorite boys bond over games was so special to me and something I’ll always be grateful to witness. Lastly, we end the video with a special message from Scottie boo to little cute or Baby 3. My sweet boy is gonna be the bestest big brother ever!

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