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November 17, 2022

Scottie’s Strange Eating Habits, Whats In My Cart, Taking Passport Pics

We discovered a way to get Scott’s appetite going… letting him invent recipes! Some of them are definitely not delicious lol I don’t know what it is with mixing food and textures and flavors together that excites Scottie boo, but hey, if it gets him to eat- I’m all for it! Part of the joys of being a kid is not restricting them to society’s standards of what’s delicious and what isn’t. So if he wants to mix strawberries with malunggay soup- then, by all means, it’s a go for us too!

We also took some ID photos today and had a hard time getting Scottie boo to stand still and not smile. Whenever he sees the camera- he just wants to have fun with it! Are your kids the same too or is my eldest a born extrovert? haha


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