1 year ago

Self Love Sunday

In today’s day and age, we are constantly pressured to multitask and achieve. We prioritize the world around us, forgetting that we need some TLC too. It’s super important to love and deeply know ourselves inside out, so that we can share that love to the people around us. In this video, I talk about how I practice self love and some stories to guide you along the way.


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  1. Parihas ta kryz nga bisan negative ang nahitabu mangita ko ug way or mag think ko ug positive ato nga panghitabua para dli ma bad vibes ang mood. Para happy pa rin. 🙂 Naa ku natun.an diria nga gusto nako eh apply like mo bangun ug sayo sa usual time na pag mata , kay para dli mag kara.x ug lihok pagka buntag , para smooth lang ang dagan , para good ang mood padulong work. , I tried this morning but I failed , but I’ll try and try again hangtud ma anad njud akong lawas ug mata sayu 🙂 hihihi . Hala! murag taas.x na lagi ni akong na type. haha , just wanna share lang pud. hihi. Anyways thanks for being positive and happy, ma inspire mi ug apil , ma good mood npd mi . 🙂 Love lots . Xoxo <3

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