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December 2, 2022

Sevi Eats for the 1st Time, Scottie Learns to Swim Underwater

Time flies so fast! Just like that, our little Sevi Bao is ready to eat his first meal of solids! We started him off with Sweet Potato just like his Ahia Scottie, and his reaction? You’ll just have to watch to find out. Oh Sevi! I can stare at you and your cuteness all day. He has gained sooo much weight recently, and we think its because he loves his new food! Who wants me to do a baby Sevi milestone update? Show of hands???

Ahia Scottie on the other hand just keeps on surprising us. He recently discovered goggles and seeing underwater when we went to the beach last weekend. Immediately when we got home, he decided to swim all by himself! What started as a simple play sesh with Daddy became a natural course of swimming! This boy never fails to impress. He can swim on his own now, and he learned it all by himself!

As for me, I share a few things I’m loving as of late with another chikkahan GRWM sesh. My fave Aveeno Skin Relief Body Lotion takes center stage as per usual! My cuticles and skin have been feeling so dry and cracked lately because of my travels and beach trips. It’s a #skinmergency indeed when it feels like my skin is crying out for help! I remember asking the flight attendant for more lotion when I was on the plane just because my skin would dry out every few hours! Naka ubos ako ng 2 tubes of Aveeno Skin Relief on one flight alone. Exagg noh? That’s how dry my skin felt. That’s why I always stock up on the 1L tub of the new Aveeno Skin Relief everywhere at home. It’s proven to relieve skin itch and dryness in as fast as 60 seconds- perfect for any skinmergencies of very dry, itchy skin you may have too. Link below if you wanna try it out for yourself!

Just another day at home with the boys to fill my cup. Hope this video brings you some GV for the week!

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