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May 2, 2023

Sevi is sick, Flying Alone, My Social Anxiety

Off to Manila for the weekend to attend the Shiseido event where they launched me as their glow girl. We had a lot of girly time with the blogger besties this trip, and I even got to fix my hair! There’s a lot of talkies in today’s vlog and a bit of self reflection too. I hope you aren’t sick of my voice just yet lol.

Also sharing the newest Kerastase Symbiose Line which targets dandruff. Comes complete with  Shampoo, Conditioner and Serum. I’m so happy there is now luxury hair care for this problem. No need to deal with medicinal scents or drying formulations. This takes care of dandruff while still giving you that shine, and softness characteristic of Kerastase. Check it our here:

Ended the vlog coming home to my boys, and realizing that Sevi threw up the night I was set to come home. It was an abrupt end to a good weekend, but all I can think of is making sure my Sevi recovers as soon as possible.

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