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November 11, 2023

Sevi is Sick :( Obstacle Course at Home, Scott tells a story

Haaappy Sunday everyone!

In today’s vlog, we start off with a very elaborate obstacle course that I prepared for Scottie Boo. He was sooo excited about this game! I had to bring back some props from the storage to make it happen lol. My side of the family usually does games like these but he is always too young to take an active part in it. He was happy to finally have one set up just for him! It took us about an hour to prepare everything (thanks to my angels and team for the help!), but seeing his excitement and how happy he was really made it all worth it!

Aside from brain stimulating activities like these, Scottie was excited to have his prize- Promil Gold Four! You guys always comment about how gifted he is, especially with his language skills, and Promil definitely helps #AdvanceTheGiftedBrain. It’s the only formula thats clinically proven to do so. My niece did back up research on it for her school project and was so happy to report to me that all their claims are 100% legit and backed by science! You can shop Promil on Lazada here:

The rest of the vlog is not as happy. Sevi got sick all of a sudden, and guys, having a sick child is really the worst! Your whole day stops and your heart really aches for them. Good thing all his labs came out clear and it was just a viral infection. Slater and Scottie got the bug too soon after. Praying it doesn’t come after me! Loading up on vitamins- stat!

Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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