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June 21, 2023

Sevi’s 1st Haircut, Scottie does my make up, A lot of parties

Bye-bye, Sevi’s big fluffy hair! It was finally time to do his first haircut and his reaction… let’s just say he’s the chillest baby we ever did see. Witnessing his first milestones is so exciting but it also makes me emotional at the same time. He can even stand up and take a few steps by himself!

These past few days since Yaya Rea is on leave, I get to spend more time with Scottie we have resorted to playing with colorful blushes and sparkly glitters after doing different sorts of playtime and art activities. Mama’s face is probably the best empty canvas to date. 

Hope you guys enjoy today’s vlog. Happy Wednesday, Skyfam!

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