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December 17, 2023

Sevi’s animal sounds, Wrote a childrens book, Siargao with team skyfam

The boys have been down with something for the past few weeks and parents know that’s the worst feeling ever! I took a little break from work to spend some time with them and I’m so happy they feel a bit better already. Tobi was particularly cranky but still managed to give me a banter of his favorite animal sounds! Scott on the other hand helped me plant some tomatoes and paint our new little pot. I love physical activities like this and spending much needed down time with the kids.

The next day, I flew to Siargao with team #skyfam to celebrate the year that’s been. We go on a trip like this as a Christmas tradition every year, and seeing how much our little family has grown really gives me all the feels. You’ll get to meet all of the people who make our vlogs, podcasts and reels possible! It takes a village and I’m so proud of them for all that we have done this year.

Lastly, we launched BOOKS FROM THE SKY! It’s something that I have been personally working on for the past year and we are so proud of it! Please pre-order now on! These books are real life stories from the skypod straight on print. Really a dream come true!


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