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September 23, 2022

sevi’s first time at the beach, surprising my mom, dad’s sweetest gift

We went to the beach (again!) to celebrate my mom’s birthday! I know we always go to the same resort, but what can I say? We are creatures of habit! Plus, Scottie boo LOVES it so much. It’s always such a joy to see him grow up here as we did! He already knows the place so well, that he actually tells us where he wants to go next and dictates our schedules now! Shangri-la Mactan will always hold such a special place in our hearts- especially since Slater and I got married here.

It’s also baby Sevi’s first time to actually swim in the pool and beach! He’s been here before when he was only 2 weeks old, but he was too young to really enjoy the place. Seeing him slowly begin to experience things is so fun and brings back so many memories of when Scottie was this little.

The best part about this trip is getting to surprise my mom for her birthday. She always does so much for the family and makes sure that all our birthdays are so special. This time around, we wanted to return the favor. She thought we made reservations to eat a simple dinner out of the resort, but we told her a wallet was left behind at the beach. When she went to get it, we surprised her with a private and intimate candle-lit dinner right by the water. It was so magical and special. I loved being able to do something nice for mom, and seeing how much she enjoyed the night made it extra memorable.

Hope you guys enjoy this video. It’s surely one that I’ll keep revisiting in the future. ❤️

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  1. Our world is chaotic nowadays and it’s good to see the positive vibes you bring to the readers. Thank you for sharing the positive side of life, the beauty of being a human ,and how an individual should live the life it is supposed to be.

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