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September 5, 2023

Sevi’s new endorsement!, Saying Goodbye, Interviewing Yaya

Ahhh I can finally reveal it! Sevi is gonna be an endorser for Makuku Diapers! Huhuhu I am so so proud of him. He was living his best life at the shoot. How cute is he in these shots, guys??? Can we all take a moment to appreciate how much he was giving? hahaha. Of course, we prepped with a hair cut the day before and a lot of encouragement on the day. Yaya Doreen was winning too with her funny faces to make him smile haha. She finally agreed to be part of the video with a short interview about Sevi boo! Her answers really made me smile and showed me just how much she loves and cares for my Tobi.

Speaking of Yaya- it was time for Yaya Jera to leave us and Scottie was heart broken. Yayas are truly are so special to my family and we are so thankful for them and their love.

Hope you guys enjoy this video!


Suction sticker on phone:

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