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August 7, 2023

Sevi’s Visa Photo, What I’ve been so busy with, Trying on Beach Outfits

Hola! How is everyone doing?

We start today’s vlog with a cute little Sevi boo getting his visa passport taken. We are going on a family trip with the Uys this Christmas, and I can’t wait to see him interact with new surroundings again. He is getting so much bigger and his personality is really starting to show now. As you all can imagine, I am a little bit obsessed with him haha.

I also got to spend a nice afternoon together with the boys after a busy day. We looked at earthworms and raced around the street outside our house until it grew dark. I really appreciate these simple moments with the boys. We don’t need fancy toys or to travel anywhere far. As long as we have each other, each moment is truly so special.

On the work front, I finally am able to tell you, guys, a little of what’s been keeping me busy lately. I have partnered with the new website to help all parents out there in their journey from pregnancy to childbirth to raising a little one of their own. I put a lot of hours, blood, sweat, and tears into my guest article, hoping it will help. I know how overwhelming it can be to navigate this new chapter, and there aren’t any resources that specifically talk to parents based in the Philippines. I wrote about my personal experience, what products helped me and what didn’t, and a lot of honest realizations about my journey into this new world of parenthood. We mamas (and papas) have got to help each other, and I’ve definitely got your back!

Enjoy the vlog, everyone!

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