3 years ago

Shooting for our wedding in Bohol

We’re diving head first into wedding preps this month, and one of the things we’ve planned is a little video to show everyone during the reception. Slater and I took a boat to Eskaya resort in Bohol with our good friend and wedding photographer Marky Cantalejo, who started shooting me about a decade ago. (Trivia: he also shot me for the cover of my book!) Eskaya resort is so beautiful, and I’m so thankful we got the chance to experience it before the start of the crazy months ahead! Hope you guys enjoy the video! Let me know what you think!

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  1. Looove it! You’re just so gorgeous ❤️😍and the place is so lovely, really. Like I’d love to a have a 2 night stay in there. 😊And, your man… he’s so naughty. The Micheal Phelps moment is LOL. 😂
    Amazing Team!

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