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January 20, 2023

Sinulog Day, My Social Battery, New Puppies and New Car

Prrrttt Prt Prt!

Sinulog was always a time that meant party and celebration for me. But now that I have a family of my own and mom-ing like crazy, it also spells traffic, heat stroke and fatigue lol. So this year, I decided to stay home with the kids and re-charge my social battery! It was used all up from our last event with Uniqlo in the mall. I didn’t expect such a crazy turn out from the #skyfam, especially since we just announced 2 hours before the event. But you guys are really the best! The Skyfam welcome as so strong, warm, and loving- na speechless ako. In fact, tawa lang ako ng tawa because they had to usher us out of the event with security and it just felt so weird to be treated that way when I was just in the same mall a few days ago and no one paid me any mind. It felt like a twilight universe for an introvert like me! In today’s vlog, we visit both families (slater’s and mine), record a podcast, have some heart-to-heart, and even show you guys our new puppies and new car! Hope you guys enjoy this one!

Barenbliss compact:

Barenbliss bb cream:

Toys and Wheels PH:…

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