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August 22, 2023

Skyfam Merch!, Making Ramyeon (again), Attempt at work life balance

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After so much peer pressure from you guys, we are so excited to share that we finally have SKYFAM MERCH available starting at 10:30AM Philippine time today! We have one limited edition shirt you can get at It’s a drop-shoulder oversized tee with an embroidered banana smiley face on it- super lowkey, just like us lol. It would be so cool to see you guys wear this on socials, and even more amazing to see you wear it in real life! I’m so excited to have this to share with you all, and I hope you like it!

In other news, I’ve given myself a cut-off in an attempt to have more work-life balance these days. Before 8AM and after 5:30PM, it’s time with my boys. The time in between that is all about the hustle. So far, it’s making me feel less guilty about focusing on work since I have time allocated just for family outside of it. I get my stuff done and also have time to make breakfast with them and have afternoons out to play. How do you guys balance work and personal life?

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