March 25, 2020

VLOG: #Skypod Home Office Work in Progress!


Another space in the #Skypod I’d love to share with you (albeit, incomplete! lol) is my home office. Oh the memories! It was just a year ago when I released my #GirlBoss Home Office and now I’m building another! 

Well technically… the room is intentionally our future kid’s room. I’m utilizing the space for now so I can do work at home and save myself from the crazy traffic jam near JY Square (Cebuano friends, do you feel me? Hahaha!). 

I’m excited to make this space as comfortable and inspiring as I can, with just a few practical changes. I’ve had help furnishing the entire place and I’m so thankful for having awesome, creative friends to help me add a little more “oomph!” to this space. 

Just like the rest of the house, this room shows off a mostly grey, white vibe. Pro-tip from the hubby, making the room have the same color tone for the entire house allows more flexibility for redesigning in the future. I’m okay with the grey, white combination, but it just lacks a little bit of my personality. So, as a compromise, I decided to paint A wall (yep, just one!) with a more cheerful color from Island Paints. Oh boy, I just love what we came up with. Thanks to them, I’ve achieve my goal to put in more “me” in the room! 

Come and check out what we did to this new office space!


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  1. This is inspiring. I worked also at home since I’m a freelancer, now I’m dying to have my own room for work. 💕 That would be one of my bucketlist. Thanks to you Kryzzzie and Slater 😊 One of my daily inspiration. Continue to be an inspiration to many ♥️

  2. I’m also thinking of caladryl pag mix sa paint hahaha! I can imagine now how nice and cool is your office especially the new shelves on the gray wall part 🤩😍💕

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