December 15, 2019


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y!! Today is the day that we open our doors to all of you and show you our humble abode! Welcome to the #SKYPOD!

This will be the very last (and the grandest) episode of the #Skypod tour series. We’re taking you to our living area, dining area, all the way to our masters bedroom, my walk-in closet PLUS my newly finished home office and guest room! 


Let’s get started shall we? Right when you enter, you see our living area right away. It’s made to be open because we wanted it to be the space where our little family can bond (Slater, specifically wanted this layout because he doesn’t want our future kids to stay in their rooms all the time!)

The overall layout sets out a casual feel – which what Slater & I initially wanted to achieve for the #Skypod.  Nothing too formal and not a lot of hidden corners. If you’re in the living area, you can instantly see what’s happening in the kitchen or dining area. And when you’re in the kitchen, you can still hang out with everyone watching TV!


These are the only two rooms in the #Skypod that Slater allowed me to paint in a non-neutral color. What do you think? I thought the colored wall would add an easy layer of interest without having to invest in big art or decorative pieces. The colors also give an instant vibe to the rooms, don’t you think? We picked our favorite swatches from Island Paints and narrowed it down to these two. They are such good colors! These two rooms are the latest finished projects we’ve done. I actually posted a separate video of my home office tour which you can watch here.


Just by looking at the photo, I can already feel the coziness and calmness of our room. Save for when the sun shines early in the morning! It gets super duper hot even with the blinds rolled down because of the ceiling-to-floor glass windows! But don’t worry, we’re working on a solution as we speak!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but we don’t really have any more furniture in our bedroom – apart from our comfy bed and the HOLY GRAIL massage chair (Hi, Ogawa Philippines!). I initially wanted to have a TV inside but Slater specifically wanted this place to be a space of rest- no distractions! And actually, I think he really has a point – it’s like your telling your body “It’s time to sleep” right when you walk in!

Ta-da! What is a house tour without having a peek inside my most favorite place here at the Skypod. My Walk-in closet! Full closet tour here.


Aaaand last but definitely not the least, here we have the most picturesque view of the Skypod! I mean, how can you not fall in love with this view everyday? In fact, one of my favorite things to do as soon as I get up in the morning is to go outside with @Skyskybear and just breathe in the fresh breeze and listen to the chirping of the birds. Not to forget greeting our friendly neighbor, Mr. Carabao a good morning!

I think one of the best things about having a glass house is having good lighting almost any time of the day. I love staying in well lit areas because it makes me feel so fresh and productive! What makes the Skypod even better is the wide outdoor space. You can even spot our growing pine tree and the ever so famous cactus plant!

ALSO, how can I forget to mention our SWIMMING POOL? It’s like being in a resort 24/7 – the ultimate dream! Hahaha! Slater made sure that even though we don’t get to swim every single day, we can still make “use” out of it for aesthetic purposes since the swimming pool extends from the indoor space to the outdoors area. Nothing beats a good pool view while eating dinner or how it shines in the afternoons!

Still curious about the #Skypod tour? You can watch the full 30-minute video on Youtube below! Enjoy!

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  1. Just be reading your article, i can feel your happy, positive energy and immense pride in what you and your husband have both accomplished. I can feel a sense of calm and openness just by reading your piece and looking at the pictures. You have a beautiful way with words and you, most often than not, make the reader experience what you experience yourself. I like reading your pieces and listening to you speak; very eloquent, humble and sincere. After this, i will watch the video tour of your lovely home.

  2. It’s breathtaking! After seeing the vlog, I’m still curious about one thing: how does it look from the outside? I mean from a perspective of someone passing along the road. Do you have a gate of sorts? Thanks haha!

  3. I’d super love to live in your skypod house..😘 seeing your house makes me wanna work hard for my / our future house..🙏this is such an inspiration..🤗 I love you Kryzzie and Slater.. your future babies will be so blessed to have you as their parents and this house to be their home..🤗😘

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful home. I enjoyed watching it. Its as if I am watching a home from abroad. I really love your concept. Its so simple, eco friendly and sophisticated.
    My 8 year old son even appreciated it. He said that when he grows up he will have that kind of house also. I told him, then you have to look also for a girl beautiful and smart as her 😊.

  5. I love love the SKYpod. It’s so well thought of, so functional yet so beautiful.
    Just a thought though, do you have another room for your future baby? I only saw the guest room and master bedroom. I’m also wondering how you would design the baby room considering the whole style/design of your house has a very adult feel to it.. if you know what i mean. Haha.

  6. hello! I love your home! Everything is well put together! The the name of your house is perfection! It is definitely a dream home! Id love to see more in depth details and where you got your stuff from! Comgratulations to you future mama! 🙂

  7. You’re skypod is #goals. I just wanna know more about it. I also want to know the different areas of your skypod hence you’ve mentioned in one of your previous vlogs about your dirty kitchen and the maids’ headquarters. Can you give us a tour about the other places in your skypod like the parking, garage and storage? Like how many cars can you fit in your skypod, does Slater fiddle with his car like washing and checking of the engine and how do you maintain your pretty landscape?

  8. Good day po, I’m a fan. If you don’t mind, can I ask the dimensions of your lot po? I’m an architecture student here at Cebu and I was planning to add this precious skypod on the the buildings where I got my inspirations.

  9. “Just by looking at the photo, I can already feel the coziness and calmness of our room”. While I was reading the blog, I can feel the coziness. I know how did you have the brick wall in your office.

  10. I’m a fan of yours since my cousin introduced your vlogs to me. I kinda found skypod my dream house. More vlogs pls.

  11. Hello Kryzz 😊 i messaged you on instagram but yeah, just wanna ask who made your kitchen cabinets, i really like the quality, been looking for one. And also, what color is that you used for your pool floor? Or material? Will wait for your response. Thanks xoxo 😘

  12. Thank you for sharing with us your beautiful house. It is absolutely stunning 👌.

    Please share what the white legged storage baskets you have in your living room and bedroom is called. They are really practical. What a lovely idea and I love them.

    Thanx again.

  13. im an architecture student and i really love the design of your house po. actually, its one of the design inspiration of my plates because i really love how it looks like. god bless you

  14. Hi ms. Kryz just want to ask how big is your lap pool? If you dont mind me asking ☺️☺️ Planning to build our house soon, we’re greatly inspired with your house 😍😍

  15. How long in meters po is your pool? I’ve tried to reach out when you guys ask questions for your youtube videos but ang daming fans 😭😭. I hope you could see this.

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