2 years ago

Sneak Peek of The New Cebu Airport

We are so close to finally being able to travel in style, right in the heart of Cebu! The new terminal 2 at Mactan Cebu International Airport is set to open its doors on the 1st of July, 2018 and BOY am I excited! They gave me a quick sneak peek and tour of the entire place- it’s MASSIVE and absolutely beautiful. They’ve incorporated modern design with bits and pieces of local elements and the result is perfect. From floor to ceiling windows and a long skyroof that generously lights the whole place, to the concept of “waves” as the roof and sand as the floor- I have to say, this makes me so proud, not only to be Cebuano, but to be Filipino! This airport sets the standard high! Hopefully, other cities will follow suit and we can welcome tourists to our beautiful island with proud MABUHAY! Enjoy the virtual tour!

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  1. I wonder which airlines this new terminal cater to. It looks promising! It’s about time, Cebu! Can’t wait to see it for myself come August 😍

  2. Such an awesome update of the Mactan Intl Airport! Thank you!!!! Can’t wait to fly from Sydney to Cebu direct…my 2nd home! Hoping this airport will set the bar high not only it’s aesthetic features but MORE on its safety and protection for locals and foreign…. Gone were the days that even as balikbayan, walking through the Intl Airport in Manila, we are so scared for our kids and always have to wrap our luggages whenever we go home. It is so embarrassing to have our bags wrapped from Australia for safety ….compared when we go to the US we don’t have to do this and safety is not an issue! May the Mactan Intl Airport keep the safety top no 1 priority for everyone landing in Cebu! Can’t wait to see this very soon!!!! LOVE Cebu!

  3. I volunteered myself last week for the 2day-trial passenger grabe sige kog hangad nice kay ilang ceilings! Grabe nag goosebumps ko pag sud. Feel na feel kay nako ang pag ka trial passenger hahaha!

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