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March 9, 2023

Something’s wrong with my eye, making healthy ice cream, scott packs his own bags

Scottie, Slater and I are heading to Hong Kong for a few days to celebrate the 99th birthday of TaiMa. Sevi couldn’t make it with us because he still doesn’t have a passport. I knew I was gonna miss him terribly, so I made sure to spend some quality time at home with him before we left. Even during the busiest week, I always make sure that I have at least 1-2 days of undivided attention and playtime with my boys. Naka schedule yan! It’s part of having a healthy work life balance for me. I love my we-time with the kids!

In today’s video, I also talk about yet another eye problem. What is it with me and my eyes? lol We still cant figure it out, and a full week and a half later, as I am writing this, we still can’t cure it. I hope it’s nothing serious! I’ve consulted about 4 doctors already. Fingers crossed we can heal it stat cause it makes me look like I have major eyebags!

Lastly, Scottie helped me pack his own bags for HongKong! Of course, he filled it with toys lol. We read a book about going on vacation and the kids helping their parents pack- so he was so excited to finally get to do it for himself! Books truly are the key to brainwashing your kids lol. Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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