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September 24, 2023

speaking bisaya to the kids, sevi caught on camera, first time to do this since 2018

Hi Guys! Happy Sunday. Here’s some GV to keep you guys company this week.

A lot of people always seem to get surprised when they hear my kids speak in Cebuano or Bisaya. They hear us speaking the language all the time at home and have naturally picked it up! They just sound funny and cute when they say certain words, but I love hearing it. We try to encourage them to use and learn it more. In this vlog, we try to converse a little bit in straight bisaya and see their reaction lol

I also did a little afternoon session with Sevi where he holds the camera and got surprised at what he did while I wasn’t paying attention! His personality is really something else!

Hope you guys enjoy the vlog today!


GRWM Brow:

Hermes Chypre from MarketplaceHK:

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