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February 25, 2024

Starting to Nest for Baby 3, Quick Manila Work Trip, Making Super Easy Banana Cheese Toast

Happy Sunday, #skyfam We start the vlog today with a little boys room update. I swapped out Scottie’s big boy bed for a king sized mattress. Im hoping Sevi will be able to move into the floor bed with him before baby number 3 comes out, so I can use the baby cot for our little newborn. Grabe, super sulit na tong baby cot na to! I kind of like how the room looks a lot more spacious now and comfortable to hang around in. Scottie’s room sure has gone through so many layout changes! Of course, the vlog wouldn’t be complete without a cooking show lol. It’s one of the activities the boys love to help me do because they see me cooking in the kitchen every single day. I am so thankful that they enjoy spending time with me doing simple tasks like cooking. I will really treasure these moments before they think it’s lame and I’m alone in the kitchen again haha. I also flew to Manila for a quick work trip and got to meet up with some of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while. My social life is going down the drain with this pregnancy and my 2 clingy kids, but I am thankful for easy friendships and people who make it feel like no time has passed. Thank you to everyone here spending some time with us. Til the next! Follow ME: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Tiktok: Music from EPIDEMIC SOUND: (free 30 day trial with link above!)

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