May 10, 2020

#StayHome series: coloring my own hair

First of all- a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the mommas out there from this soon to be momma! We don’t have a Mother’s Day video for you right now, but I still wanted to give you all a shoutout because if you’re a mom- you’re a superwoman! Enjoy today’s video!


Staying at home is squeezing out my creative juices! For a little slice of self-pampering, I decided to finally give my hair a refresh by coloring it… all by myself 😱 This sounds pretty shallow, but honestly, as a first-timer, it was terrifying! My last salon session was about 4 months ago when I flew out to manila for a shoot. It’s been a while! Now the highlights need a little toning and TLC. Since we can’t exactly schedule a salon day now, I decided to try the OVERTONE coloring conditioner I ordered a few months ago. My friends have been raving about how good it is, and I thought now is the perfect time to try it out myself.

In this video, I used the Pastel Silver color, which made my highlights turn less brassy and ashier. The end color differs depending on your original hair color and health of your hair. Guess how mine turned out?

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  1. Wow. I find it really really good.Now get curious where to buy it.haha.I think its a good buy then.😄 Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Hi, Ate Kryz! First time to visit this site. 😊 Really love watching your YouTube vlogs. Been thinking of dchanging my hair and maybe this color suits me as well (hopefully). Hehe i love you always! Stay safe and healthy! Happy Mom’s Day! 🌹

    Hanna @_hnntlst (IG)

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