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May 12, 2024

Staying Home with the kids, Water Balloon fight, Cheesy Ramen fail, 32 Weeks Pregnant

Happy Sunday, #skyfam! How is everyone this week? 

For us here at the #skypod, we’re all doing okay and waiting patiently for baby 3 to come out. Just a month or so to go. Aaah I can hardly believe it. Scottie and Sevi are starting to really bond and get along, and I am so excited to see this dynamic evolve as the newest member to our family arrives. We start this video with a water balloon fight early in the morning! The boys love it when their dad has time to play because it’s always really fun. I’m too pregnant and tired to run around, but Slater has really been present at play time lately, and I can really see how the boys look forward to him coming home. It really is such a joy to watch them together. 

When it’s mommy’s turn to play, we usually do arts, read books or cook in the kitchen. Today, their request was to make cheesy ramen. Ayayay! Not the healthiest snack but I did really have fun asking them to help me prepare it. These kids really do say the darnest things! 

Enjoy the video!


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