August 4, 2021

Téviant Blush, Bronze & Glow: First Impressions


I’m back from Tokyo! I hope you’re liking the new look as much as I do! Right now, I’m a bit obsessed with curling my bangs (Kawaiiiiii!)

I’ll make something to focus on the curly bangs soon – but for now, I would like to take this time to give you my thoughts and impression for this elegant makeup brand… Téviant!

Téviant is owned by my good friend, Albert Kurniawan. Do you know that the brand name was inspired by Albert’s mom, Tevianty? Albert said in one interview that she is the person who inspired him to build his passion for beauty.  Isn’t that sweet?

The makeup line is said to celebrate the versatility, independence, dignity and grace of women – things I would definitely want to celebrate too! He also is inspired to introduce the Filipino makeup artists to the world. In his newest collection, he features two amazing artists – Jelly Eugenio &  Mark Qua.

So as soon I got the bag full of these babies, I know I just have to play with them and share the experience with you!

So, if you haven’t watched this yet, here’s the full vlog for my Téviant Blush, Bronze & Glow: First Impressions.

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  1. You have the same thoughts with Anne Clutz’ vlog about these products and she loved the highlighter most.

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