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October 21, 2023

The Trio Reunion, Kids go to the Dentist, Slater’s new shirt lol

Welcome back #Skyfam! Hope you are all well.

In today’s vlog, I take a super jam packed trip to Manila once again. We had an event, a dinner and a couple of shoots- but most notably, I had a little reunion with the Trio- Laureen and Camille! We filmed a funny dancing tiktok and you’ll see a hilarious behind the scenes in this vlog too! Are we getting too old for this? hahah

I didn’t have time to get the kids pasalubong on my way back home, so I took some goodies from the hotel- including a water bottle and some pastries. Scottie’s reaction to receiving them was everything. How he finds pure happiness in the most random little things is truly something we can all learn from.

Lastly, I took the kids to the dentist and couldn’t help but laugh (at Sevi mostly lol) and be proud of how well behaved the were. I was prepared for a fight but they both were happy and excited to be there. PHEW! lol

Hope you enjoy these good vibes today, skyfam!

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