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January 9, 2023

Viral Tiktok Trends with the Kids, Scott Takes Choco to the Vet, Sevi Learns to Walk

Aaaand we are back and ready to start the new year, #skyfam! First on the agenda… playtime with the kids! Things are about to get really hectic for us this month, so I made sure to spend some quality time with the boys before then. People keep tagging me to do these Tiktok trends and now that Scottie’s a bit older, I felt like he would have fun doing it too. A family affair it is! We had a blast doing these videos. Some of them were cute, some of then were failures, and most of them were harder to do than we expected. But the most important part was that we all had fun doing it, and we all did it together ♥️ which one is your favorite?

Scott and I also took Choco to the vet today. I made sure he was there to listen to the doctor’s instructions so he could fully feel that he is Choco’s human, and not me. I hope it works and teaches him a thing or two about responsibility🤞🏼 (

Sevi on the other hand is growing up soooo fast. He is already eating solids and learning to walk. Where has the time gone??? It really is true what they say… the days are long but the years are short!

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