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January 9, 2023

VLOGMAS: Sleep Talking, Writting A Letter to Santa, Skypod 2.0 Mini Tour

Another day in the life with my beautiful boys at the skypod! We start with some play time with Sevi boo which usually is such a great and happy time, though it’s a little hard to record for you since I always have him in my arms. A short snippet will do 🙂

This is probably the first time I show you a glimpse of how funny Scottie boo is when he tries to sleep. I’m so happy I get to nap with him and experience his silly “sleep talking.” He usually does this for about 20-30 mins while I ignore him and pretend I’m asleep. I wish I could record it for you but he usually asks me to play music from my phone and the camera is too intrusive to get him to act normally lol. It really is one of my fave ways to just observe and bond with him. He is so sweet!

We also learned about Santa Claus today! I tried to get him excited about it by reading Santa books and watching some videos about his toy factory. It really worked lol. Since someone gifted us a toy post box, I decided to ask him to write his letter to the north pole too. Guess what he asked for?

Lastly, we finally unveiled #Skypod 2.0, Slater’s pocket development here in Cebu! Congratulations hubs! #MonterrazasPrime looks sooo amazing. The walls are so straight, the tiles are applied perfectly, the place is amazing and the view is just impeccable! To say I’m proud of you is an understatement! Even though they literally just finished the model unit, it’s selling out so fast. There are like 5 houses left, so if you are interested, inquire today:


1. Real Techniques Sponge:

2. Kiss me heavy rotation eyebrow pencil

3. Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lippie

4. BLK lip tint in very berry

5. Sunnies Face Lip Treat in Girl Crush

6. Mcqueen Pencil Eyeliner (espresso latte and french latte)

7. Real Techniques brush

8. Prutasan ni Adan:

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