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May 11, 2022

voting with hubs, mother’s day surprise

might have been down with allergies on Mother’s Day, but I’m so lucky my boys made it a special day for me in spite of that. No grand gestures are needed- just a day with my boys is all I need.  Can’t believe how lucky I am to be blessed with my family.

It’s also my first time vlogging our voting experience, and my first time voting with hubs! I’m glad I convinced (or forced, rather) him to register! I only took about 5 minutes to cast my vote, while hubs had more people in his precinct and had to line up for 90 more minutes. The line reached the street in the other classroom even at 6PM! Saludo ako sa mga tao na pumila talaga to vote. The volunteers were so friendly allowing me to sit outside Slater’s classroom the whole time while he lined up. Perks of being heavily pregnant lol. 

You can see how hopeful we were when we ended this video. Unfortunately, it’s been a tough couple of days since. ☹️ I’m still happy I was able to preserve a bit of that hope in this vlog. I’m proud to be part of the people who stood for change, hope, and justice. How are you feeling after the elections?

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