WAGW x Laureen Uy

When I first met Laureen, we flew her in to Cebu and invited her to Shangri-la Mactan to watch our “Christopher’s Lodge” collection debut on the runway. She came in fierce leather lace up bootie wedges, a glittery top and a black skirt. Her outfit screamed diva ferocity, but she was a complete paradox. Laureen is one of the sweetest, nicest and truest people I know. Despite her rise to fame, she remains humble and grounded. Despite her vast network of VIPs, she continues to befriend just about everyone, and treats them with the exact same amount of respect. She cares when your feet hurt and offers to lend you her shoes instead. She cares when you’re the only person in the group without a date, and never makes you feel out of place. She feels your wardrobe malfunction pains, and finds a way to solve the problem, even if it means having to go out of her way to do so. She’s incredibly funny with loads of interesting stories to share. Laureen is stunning both inside and out. She epitomizes our ideal girl, and I knew from then on that our decision to make her a WAGW Brand Ambassador was the right choice.

Shop her collection here.

Visit Laureen’s blog.

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  1. I really love Ate Laureen, shes my first inspiration in dressing up & looking good every time. Now i have to say the second is you Ate Kryz, you are both beautiful & i’m hoping someday to finally meet the two of you 🙂

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