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September 18, 2022

we hit 1M!, testing scott’s patience, surprise party fail

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Today’s vlog is loaded with fun and funny moments! From Scottie’s delayed gratification challenge (aka Stanford Marshmallow Challenge turned M&M challenge) which he aced- to visiting the cemetery and finding out Slater planned a surprise dinner for me. It’s not just another DITL vlog lol.

Why the surprise? Well, as you may have noticed #Skyfam, we are now 1 million strong! I never really looked at the numbers, and it was never a goal for me to reach a million subs. I only really got excited when you guys started tagging me and leaving comments on my previous videos about it. Then I started to imagine what 1 million people looked like in a room- unfathomable! When the numbers turn into actual people- that’s when it hit me. 1 MILLION SKYFAM MEMBERS. 1 million beautiful people in this amazing community we have built together. 1 million virtual ninangs and ninongs to my kids. 1 million friends. The hair on my arms are standing as I type this. Kilabot! I’m not a viral sensation or an overnight success. It took us 6 years to get here. But I don’t wish it any different, because the friendship I share with you all is so deep and next level. You’ve all witnessed Kryz through different eras (kikay era, travel era, kilig era and family era… whats next?) Thank you all for loving my family and being so good to us. WE LOVE YOU SKYFAM! WE DID IT!!!!

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