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October 17, 2022

weekend in manila with slater, new iphone 14!, meeting our fave podcasters

And just like that we are off again! The past 2 weeks remind me of the life I used to live- running from one event and one city to another. Though now that I’m a mom, my heart is always aching to come home as soon as I can. 

We went to Manila for the Spotify Creator’s event where we got to meet a lot of our fave podcasters. So happy to see the booming Podcast scene here in the Philippines, and we definitely have Spotify to thank for that! Skypodcast is also the number one podcast in the Philippines and it’s all because of you #skyfam!!! Wooohooo!

The trip was super short and sweet that I only got to have dinner with some friends once 🙁 I definitely wish I had an extra night to see the blogger besties or my old college friends, but alas, mama needs to head home as soon as possible!

P.S. Slater and I got matching iPhone 14s from @mobilecartph!!! We both chose deep purple and we both have clear cases with a Scottie sticker on it. Now, to have a Sevi sticker made and maybe even a skyskybear one!

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