September 13, 2021

We’re on a magazine cover!

We’re on the cover of a magazine people! The #SKYfam has made it! 😂

It’s Scottie boo’s first-ever cover shoot and guess who’s the most excited? Mama of course! To be honest, Scott could not care less. He just wanted his cookies. Every time we had him pose with Slater and I, we gave him a cookie so he would sit still. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to have him stay put for so long! You guys know how *malikot* he is. Cookies and fruits are the easiest solution. We use the same tactic for long car rides too. Highly recommend you try it out, mamas! What made this shoot special was the fact that we had my little family all together.

Plus, the whole team was purely Cebuano, and we did it from the comforts of our own home. How incredible is that? I love cebuano talent and showing the big companies from Manila what we Cebuanos can do too! How do you guys like the photo? Scottie reacts to them in the end, so make sure you stay tuned to see what he thinks! Enjoy!

Watch the video here:

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