August 4, 2021

What I Eat in a Day VLOG

Since a lot of you have been loving my everyday vlogs lately, I thought I would film a *very realistic* What I Eat in a Day video. Food plays a huuuge role in my life- especially now that I’m pregnant!

I usually prefer eating at home but since we don’t have a cook yet to help me in the Skypod, that rarely happens now. With my heavy watermelon bump, I easily get tired spending hours in the kitchen. So I end up having a super simple meal, or just eating out. Slater has been a dear lately, and always offers to bring home take out when I’m too lazy. He’s my very own Captain Ri 🥰

I try to order healthy when I’m out, but this pregnancy has me craving sweets and carbs all the time. Trying my best to cut back though. I’m also dealing with a lot of restrictions (like raw fish, tuna, runny eggs and a whole lot more) so I try to keep all these in mind and eat as healthy as possible. Since I’m a pescatarian, this easily becomes doubly hard! Any tips?


Breakfast Scrambled Eggs & Bangus in Corn Oil with Rice Banana for Dessert
Lunch Smoked Salmon with Bagel and a side of salad
Afternoon Snacks Banana Cake and Cold Brew Tea
Dinner Veggies, Three pieces of Salmon, and a small portion of rice

Hope you guys enjoy watching this one! Let me know in the comments down below what more videos would you like me to do!

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