1 year ago

What’s Inside My Carry On?

After going on numerous trips both for work and play, I’ve finally come up with my go to carry-on must haves that provide both comfort and leisure while on transit. In today’s video, you’ll get to see exactly what I have inside my carry on! Enjoy!


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  1. Hello Kryz! I saw that you bring your serum and other stuff that are in glass bottles in your Carry On. Are glass bottle containers less than 100ml allowed in our Carry On? Because when I searched about it anything that’s ‘breakable’ aren’t allowed. I’m now questioning if I read a legit blog before, because I’ve been checking in my serums and perfumes when I fly even if they’re less than 100ml.

  2. Amazing carry on bag kryzzie
    Love it and love you for sharing that…so sweet and beautiful all day everyday. Thanks

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