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July 27, 2023

Why I got cranky, Taking Sky to the Hospital, Staying at the StoneHouse in Cebu

Hi #Skyfam! Long time no see!

We are so used to twice-a-week uploads that missing an episode seems like I haven’t spoken to you guys in forever. I’ve missed you! Here’s a long episode today to make up for lost time.

A lot of things happened in today’s vlog. I went to my first-ever yoga class since 2019. I’ve been putting it off for so long, to be honest. I had so many reasons not to go, but I realized I was only making them up because I felt self-conscious about starting from scratch again. I had to do some self-talk to get myself to get over… well, myself. I’m so so glad I showed up and made it on the mat!

We also took Sky to the vet because she was about to give birth. We found out that she had 5 puppies in her belly! Scottie had fun thinking of names for them. Which one do you like best? lol

Lastly, we end the vlog with a trip to the Stonehouse in Cebu with our team. I posed about it on my Instagram ( and so many people reacted. It does look pretty great, doesn’t it?

Hope you all enjoy this vlog and see you guys next Sunday!


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