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October 7, 2023

Why is this happening 😔, The puppies are gone, Trying to keep it together

It’s been a really tough few months. So many things have happened… and a lot of them were hard on us. In the midst of a bad situation, it’s really hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I constantly have to remind myself that in spite of all these things, I still have everything that matters- my family, my home, our safety and health, and of course, you guys- the #skyfam.

It’s hard for me to process everything because life still keeps going. Even at times when I just want everything to take a pause- I have to keep moving. Do you guys ever feel this way? It’s like one day I feel terrible, but I have to force myself not to feel it because I have work and I have to put a smile on my face. And then when I’m alone, I feel bad again but I’m so tired I just feel…nothing. I don’t know how to put it into words other than… it’s been tough.

I’m grateful to you guys watching for being my shoulder to cry on. I’m grateful for my kids- a welcome distraction that brings so much positivity to our lives. I know we will get out of this. I know everything happens for a reason. Thank you guys for always being here for us. I appreciate you all.



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