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February 27, 2023

Wild Bachelorette 😭, Leaving the kids again, Desperate Hair Fall Solution

February is a pretty crazy month for us. I had a lot of work in Manila which required me to stay for half the month, but I couldn’t bear to be away from the kids for that long. I decided to schedule 3 “day trips” to Cebu just to have time in between for Family. I miss them so much!

In today’s vlog, I flew Shai with me to show her a bit of what my life was like before I became a mom. Photoshoots, glam teams, traveling and working on the go. She helped me film for you guys too. It was fun to hear how excited she was about something I was pretty used to. What I considered “work” became just another fun activity because I had her with me. Truly feels more special when you experience things with friends. Both of us realized that living in small town Cebu and having the opportunity to work with huge brands and some of the most creative people is truly such an honor. I feel like I always need to give 110% just so I don’t waste this opportunity. 

Vernice’s bachelorette also happened on this jam-packed weekend. I tell you more about it on the vlog, but it was a huge surprise for me. NAPAGOD AKO, okay! Haha Mommy Kryz and Tequila are not a good mix anymore lol

Lastly, I tried out the PRP treatment from Clinique de Paris… in a desperate attempt to do EVERYTHING I possibly can to address my hair fall. They say results will show after 3 sessions spread across 3 months, and I am so excited for it. I am gonna be proactive about my hair fall this time around since it’s been bothering me for so long! Still using my usual suspects- Kerastase Genesis Serum, getting treatments from HairbyFendiDudi and now adding the PRP treatment to my arsenal. Fingers crossed it works!

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