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December 2, 2022

Yaya’s surprise, Ninang Vern visits the kids, Doggie Day

Here’s another raw iPhone vlog for you today!

We had 2 very special guests at the Skypod. Firstly, Vern came to visit the kids after our lunch with friends. She fed baby Sevi and introduced her doggie, Milana, to Scottie boo! Secondly, Yaya Jera came back! She passed her bar exam (congrats yaya!), and asked me if she could visit the kids. I said- yes of course! I decided to vlog knowing Scottie would be the happiest boy.

We also had a special doggie day! Took Sky sky bear and Choco to our new vet at Caminade. I love the place, the people, and the service. Highly recommend. ❤️


Press on Nails:

Funday Dino Backpack:

Denim Skirt:

Busy Bee Cleaners:

Caminade Animal Hospital:

Caminade Pet Shop:


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