March 25, 2020

Yoga Essentials for Starters



When I first got into yoga, I went to class wearing a cotton tank top and cycling shorts. I never really thought about fabric choices or comfort and functionality in dressing. I’d sweat and my clothes would cling to me making it feel so uncomfortable during a hot practice. My mat would get so slippery with sweat that holding poses mid-class would be next to impossible. After a few months, I quickly realized that investing in a good quality yoga outfit and buying the right kind of yoga mat is essential. It’s pricey but well worth it. You don’t just buy it to look cute (though that’s definitely a bonus), most of the pieces made specifically for yoga are actually engineered to make it easier for you to move. Yoga mats have special anti-slip technology enabling you to focus on your practice and not think about anything else!


Check out all my faves below!







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