October 5, 2021


Moving into a newly built house means… EXPENSE! We are starting from scratch and moving into our first home ever, which means I needed to buy brand new EVERYTHING. It was especially challenging for me to choose which tools and appliances we needed for the kitchen since I didn’t know the first thing about cooking (“didn’t” being the operative word here. I can actually make dinner now- woot woot!)

If you’re a newbie in the kitchen like me, FEAR NOT! I’ve gotchuu! Today, I’ll be sharing a curated a list of kitchen ESSENTIALS that you should definitely invest in. After hours, days and even weeks of research, plus a few months of experience, this list is my ultimate guide to what you need to have in your kitchen.

  1. Vitamix Blender

Since I make smoothies and home-made spreads almost on a daily basis, it’s only right for this kitchen appliance to be on top of my list.

It’s not just your ordinary blender either– It’s like the superman of all blenders because it can LITERALLY blend anything! From smoothies, hot soups, fresh sauces – it can even grind roasted almonds and make it into a healthy nut butter – like what I showed on my recent Youtube video about What I Eat in a Day.

Investing in a good quality blender will actually keep your money’s worth and even save you a lot compared to buying a basic blender and then saying that you’ll upgrade it in the future – might as well spend it one-time big time now and use it for a lifetime.

You can purchase the one I’m using here or check out other Vitamix options here and here.

  1. All-Clad Cookware Set

Being a newbie at the kitchen, I didn’t own any cookware at all and had to buy new ones for the new house. So, I decided to invest in good quality sets that would last me forever (Yes, may forever guys!) so I don’t end up spending more buy replacing mine every few years.

True, it’s much more expensive than the ones from Tefal or Cusinart, but after reading soooo many reviews, this set is quality at its finest. It’s what I use everyday and hope to use until I’m old and gray! Hey, that rhymes!

Purchase the exact cookware set I’m currently using here

  1. Corelle Plates/Bowls

I know right now, especially on social media, you get so tempted to buy plates from stores like H&M Home or just grab those ceramic plates with pretty patterns on them. And yes, I would’ve wanted one for myself and for our new house (because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want an instagrammable breakfast spread?) but, practicality got the better of me.

When I was searching for good quality plates and bowls, many moms actually recommended that I invest in the brand Corelle – and I’m really loving them so far. In fact, I use them every day, because they’re surprisingly light – so when you’re washing it, it’s so easy and when you put it into a dishwasher, it is less prone to breakage.

I use the ones in plain white so if you’re entertaining people or hosting a themed dinner, you can dress it up with your placemat, menu card, or different colored utensils- as opposed to having floral or mix-matched plates which tend to go out of style very quickly.

You can buy yours at Amazon here

  1. Glass Lock Meal Prep Containers

This also goes into my list because it’s literally LIFE. Okay, pushing it, but you get what I mean 😛 I like how it’s air tight, so you’re really sure that your food is preserved and kept fresh properly. They are especially good for meal prepping because you can use them to store, freeze or even heat (yes, I use them as a Pyrex replacement too)!  I like to add labels and mark what day I made the dish, so I know what to consume first. It’ll also last you longer than plastic containers, which could get stained or foggy over a period of time.

Shop these at Amazon here or get them at a much cheaper price here or here.

  1. Mason Jars

I like the ones that come with a lid because I can store my smoothies and not worry about spilling. It’s great to store sauces, drinks, or even cereals, coffee beans, oats and the like! Best pat? They’re oh so cute, and can double as kitchen décor!

Get yours at Amazon here

  1. Automatic Faucet

A lot of people were asking me about my faucet and wondering why I bought it all the way from Amazon in the US. Well, let me tell you I do not regret it one bit! I was looking for a gold or brass fixture that would match my kitchen aesthetic, and there weren’t much options here in the Philippines. I found mine from Delta and it turned out to be more than just pretty. It’s an automatic sink that you can just tap with your hand (or your elbow or whatever body part you like) while you’re cooking to turn it on and off. So while your hands are wet from handling raw meat or sauces, you won’t get the faucet all messy too! It’s more hygienic and definitely a cool item you can show your guests!

Get it on Amazon here

  1. Dishwasher

People tend to think that it’s unnecessary to invest on a dishwasher (especially here in the Philippines) because you can just hand wash everything. It’s common belief that it’s much more economical- but in actuality, it’s not! You actually waste more water, dishwashing soap and time if you were to wash dishes manually.

Let’s say I’m hosting a party at my house for at least 15 people- complete with aperitifs, wine and dessert. Just imagine how much time I would need after they leave to clean up and wash all those utensils, plates, spoons, forks, glasses etc! I’d need an hour just to finish!

With a dishwasher though, all I’d need was to dump everything in, turn it on, and spend that same hour doing other chores! PLUS, it’s also more sanitary because it also disinfects the plates with heat after the wash!

Get this at Amazon here

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  1. Grab a Slow Juicer more efficient than a blender. Best for doing Fresh vegetables juices or any kind of smoothies and ice cream.

    Maris from NZ

  2. Love the mason jars idea! Also invest on a crock pot slow cooker. It’s the best! Perfect meal prep if you have a busy long day because you just leave it to cook for hours. Also great for hosting dinners!

  3. I saw your beautiful set of kitchen knives when I watched one of your SkyPod vids, may I know where you got it from? x

  4. Hi Kryz,

    I’m planning to purchse a vitamix blender however I’m not sure if the voltage is 220V or 110V can you pls let me know the voltage that you got? Thank you.

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