March 25, 2020

August Faves 2019

Happy September 1st, you guys!  Soon enough, the holiday spirit will be all around us. Most of you might already have started unboxing your holiday decors. Slater and I are still getting a few more pieces, and decorating parts of the house so it might be later in the month before I get into Christmas shopping.

August was a good month for the #SkyFam. I’ve done quite a lot, traveled for a bit and still have enjoyed some personal time. I would say that it also has been an emotional milestone for me and Slater, as we have reached are 6-month mark living together as husband and wife. I’ve learned a lot from what it’s like to live with a man and understanding my share of life as a wife.

I’ve enjoyed the month more with a few things that I put together for this video. Check them out here!


1. Stranger Things

If this isn’t a part of your Watched, Watching or Will Watch list, make sure you add them now! This Netflix Original is so intense and well-made, Slater and I couldn’t stop watching!


2. February Lifestyle Earrings

Isn’t this super adorbs? This is such a statement piece and it pairs nicely with any outfit ideas!

3. Mandals – Melissa x Rider

Oh yeah, forever favorite Mandals! For those of you who are still not sure about why this became an ultimate sole find, check out my full blog about how to style.

4. IGK Thirsty Girl

For thirsty hairs in need of healing and love – make sure you have this in your grooming cabinet!

5. Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches

There has been nothing like this one so far in terms of scalp rejuvenation – I know this is not easily available in local stores but great products sometimes comes great effort. And I swear by the wonder of this too!

6. Control Freak Mosquito

Honestly, I don’t know why I’m such a mosquito magnet. Thank God for this product, I manage to keep them away! Nothing else has been this effective and I love how it smells great (you can barely say it’s a repellant!).

7. T2 Red, Green & Dreamy Tea

Cutting down on coffee lately and it’s been easier since Slater and I have turned to tea! This product in particular is so flavorful, it’s become our go-to drink if we want to be refreshed.

8. Teapot – Mandaue Foam

It’s a little teapot, short stout and prettttty! Oh, It’s also a very cheap find! Go visit Mandaue Foam and get one of these before they run out!

9. De’Longhi Double-Walled Latte Glasses

This is one of my favorite thing in the kitchen! It’s so cute and sleek and practical. It holds hot drinks well without burning your hands!


10. 10% Happier by Dan Harris

Discover ways to be happy and maintain it in your daily life. This book taught me how to introduce happiness even in the simplest routine.

Let’s talk more about these products! Watch my full vlog below.

13 Responses

  1. Most of your favorites are my favorites too! golly i feel like we’re siamese twins somewhere in a different time and space LOL such a big fan of yours! Keep it up!!

  2. You have here hair products. I’ve been looking for hair products that couls treat dandruff. Any recommendation? Common store shelf shampoos are not effective. Thanks!

  3. I’ll definitely buy the control freak mosquito. Thanks for sharing. I’m also a mosquito magnet and I don’t know why too. Haha…

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