March 25, 2020

How to Style: Mandals

Mandals (n.) portmanteau “man” + “sandal”. Mandals are men’s summer shoes that cover more than 50% of the foot, buckles and a thick sole.

But who says that only men can have fun with them? It’s 2019 and we’re a little more defiant to heteronormative beliefs. Yaaas queens, let’s work it!

After reading your comments on my IG post, I found out that most of your hesitance over getting Mandals stem from the fact it is seemingly hard to pair them up with a clothing style that makes sense.

So, in this video, I want to share with you some refreshing tips on how to match and style your OOTDs up with these super comfy “sole” sisters!


Look #1. The Casual Working Girls

This look gives off a cheerful vibe to what normally looks like a straight up work mode clothing. I’d wear this to quick brainstorming meetings that require constant movement to put more “less” on effortless.


Look #2. Neutral and Chill

This look is made by pairing my mandals with a sleeping pink top (which isn’t exactly neutral but is muted enough)
). The linen top, gold earrings and acetate bag shows some kind of play on texture that is easy on the eye.


Look #3. All Things White and Pretty 

This monochromatic ensemble is an easy way to achieve a fresh and clean everyday modern working girl look.


Look #4. Jumper Juxtaposition


Was a bit unsure of this one, while I was playing matches… but hey, it turned out to be one of my favorites! This cute and adventurous juxtaposition of feminine color and masculine shoes offer a balanced style. There’s something sexy about playing this up!


Look #5. His-and-Hers

I’m still playing with a whole feminine-masculine balance concept  – starting with these feminine earrings matched with Slater’s gray shirt and this over-sized white jacket, then going back to feminine high slit, super fitted skirt.  This gives a little more finesse to the laid back “boyfriend” look and it look like you made an effort but you definitely did not.


Look #6. Classy (Grocery) Shopper

Sky can’t help but look away in disbelief… yes Skybear, I’m on my way to pick them greens!

This is a product of happy fashion experiment on the masculine-feminine fashion scale.  This extra girly roughly skirt, paired with something a little bit more neutral like this plain white top is an unexpected match but I sooooo love how it looks!


Look #7. Earthy Chic


This. Is. Me. In. JPG. Seriously, I am absolutely obsessed with this look.

The mandals match so easily with this color scheme.  Plus, the low bun or low ponytail helps accentuate your outfit and for some reason it just makes everything pleasing!


Look #8. Prim and preppy. 

Here’s how you can pair mandals with a shorter skirt – and still pull of something that makes amazing sense. I know it’s difficult to pull off if you’re a petite girl like me, but throw in a cropped jacket or show a bit of your abs or roll up your sleeves… turn around with attitude and voila, you’re now a confident woman who’s look spells the right  A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E.

Mandals are awesommmmme! If you’re still not convinced, check out the vlog below (and prepare to add-to-cart).


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